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Author Topic: The Gentlman's Agreement...

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The Gentlman's Agreement...
OP: August 29, 2017, 03:05:39 PM
Welcome....and please read and review to help keep this site on course....

Off topic threads can be one of a kind, or fit into a category. Here's a list of categories that are off topic for Loop Addictions

No daily news or weather reports. This is NOT a news forum. Its a Fly Fishing Forum after all....

E-B-A-Y/Auction sites/Sales alerts from non Fly Fishing Companies or non Sponsor companies.

NO Solicitations/Raffles/Auctions.

No Religious posts.

No Political posts.

No non Fly Fishing related pics or videos

No links to other message boards.(this includes my space, facebook, and blogs)

No links to non-Sponsor sites

No Advertising.

No Scam alerts.

No Bloggs/Myspace/Facebook/ and YouTube non-bowhunting/YouTube personal Channels are all off topic. (direct links to a YouTube video are fine as long as they are trad bowhunting related)

No non Fly Fishing TV/Movie threads.

No 'Other Tackle' threads....spin fishning, bait casters, etc.

Again, those categories above are off topic, and will always be off topic unless we approve a specific thread for a needy reason. Please help us help you by keeping the site on topic...Fly Fishing Only.

ONLY YOU can make and keep this a special place, and to keep it a special place it takes work from everyone, including the members. Try and understand that when your post is pulled, it is NOT personal, we are only trying to be consistent and fair as we can for the site's sake. No need to get bent out of shape, no need to go bizerk or explode.

Thanks for your consideration.
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