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Vise Vices / Tying for Spring 2019
« on: March 11, 2019, 11:41:02 PM »
Anyone still up and taking nourishment around here?  Time to fill the gaps in the fly boxes!

Playing around with some Zack's {Thurman} Bloodgeyser Midges on size 16

And some panfish foam spiders.  I admit it.  I love bluegills at sunset with a fly rod!

Embark / Fishing kayak
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:35:00 PM »
I have been venturing into the local lakes and rivers with a Perception Sport Sound 12.5 kayak.  The grand 'ol sit inside variety.

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I have a pair of RAM 1-1/2" ball mounts up on the deck ahead of the cockpit and that allows me to place a fly-rod or Casting/Spinning rod up front.  Also a RayMarine Dragonfly 4 Pro depth finder/chartplotter that makes for a whole new dimension in fishing (for me).  One of my fly rods is a 9 wt G. Loomis with a FinNor reel that I use to put Deceivers and Clouser Minnows in from of smallmouth, and that makes for a great day!

Picture Perfect / Gray Petaltail Dragonfly (Tachopteryx thoreyi)
« on: September 20, 2017, 11:48:44 AM »
Came across this fellow in Watkins Glen State Park (NY).  A Gray Petaltail Dragonfly.  The body is about 3" long. 

Interestingly - this is one dragonfly we as fly fishers may not care about.  The Larva/Nymphs do not need standing water to develop.  They survive in mud or seepage areas on steep gorge faces.

The Current / Tenkara
« on: September 05, 2017, 04:29:51 PM »
Anyone else fishing with Tenkara equipment?

I have been doing some stream fishing with a 14 ft Ito rod and am happy enough with it that I may just leave the bass rig on my 6 weight outfit.  Three feet of arm, 14 feet of rod and 20 feet of line and tippet means a reach of 37 feet.  Not much for a river but on a 60 ft wide or less stream it makes a viable outfit. 

I have taken to carrying mine in the SUV at all times.  The rod (in a aluminum tube), a net and a pack that only needs to hold the line and tippet, a couple flies, and if you are a worrier a spare line and tippet on a spool or in a zip-baggie.  Coming off a Catskill background I at first narrowed down a "spartan" fly box to 20 essential patterns.  But then I got the spirit and limited myself to six in the "traditional" Tenkara styles.  Basically a wet-fly system that has elements of short-line nymph fly fishing. 

I have since added a seventh pattern - a black ant tied Tenkara style.  Just can't go without a terrestrial pattern.  ;-)

The beauty of the system was apparent yesterday.  We were on a back route headed up to the old Eric Canal paths to ride our bicycles and passed by a fishing access site on the Otselic River.  Since THE ADMIRAL had brought a book I allowed myself an hour of checking out a spot I had not fished before.  Yes, certainly I could have as easily had a three-piece rod, reel , vest etc. in the SUV.  But I don't as a rule.

With Harvey finishing up and Irma headed along we has some pretty good winds - 10 with 20 mph +/- gusts.  I was amazed how well the Tenkara rod kept it's head together and presented flies fairly well.  I could really feel the wind on the pole.  But I never snagged the overhanging brush I was drifting the fly under.  Grated 35 feet or so isn't a large radius with any rod . . . but no complaints on the Ito.

I just ordered a Skulpin Flatvest that will hold all of my Tenkara gear.  (Support our Sponsors!).  Basically what you could fit in a front jeans pocket.  Pretty simple and tidy.

I do recommend a net - even for little guys.  The Tenkara pole is so whippy it will protect a tippet from most everything but it just won't lift a fish.  Also, with no reel, the added little-bit of reach makes a world of difference.
Knot Again! / Two dandy knots: Orvis Knot & Kreh Loop
« on: September 05, 2017, 01:20:02 PM »
Let me start off the category with two knots that I feel are the best for their respective uses. 

For small flies to tippet I can't think of a better knot than the Orvis Knot.  It's a figure-of-eight knot with an added final tuck.  Easy to tie, though not quite as easy as the Davy [Wotton] Knot - but somewhat stronger.  Though when the light is failing the Davy Knot is a good choice because it is so simple. 

The other is the [Lefty] Kreh Loop (aka Open Clinch Knot and Anti-Slip Mono Loop).  I use this one for streamers where I want some action.  Also great anyplace you would use a Rapala Knot.  Not quite as strong as the Rapala but easier to tie and the tag-end faces the fly so it is slightly more weedless.

Here is the Orvis Knot tutorial that includes both of the above.
Vise Vices / Tenkara flies
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:39:55 PM »
Playing around with a Tenkara USA Ito rod and tied up a few flies in the style to puddle around with.


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